Penguin Intramural Basketball League


  • Equal teams are created by coaching staff

  • Coaches will provide ONE TEAM group warm-ups at the beginning of each after school session

  • After a designated time, the assigned coach will take their specific team and work with them on skills, strategies and team development

  • Games will be played 4x10 min straight time  

  • Coaches will coach and officiate their own matches

  • Halftime sportsmanship/team review: topics

    • Teamwork/sportsmanship strengths and things to focus on

    • Skill & strategy comments

Team Selection

  • Student Leaders/Captains along with the Coaches select all teams.

  • Teams will be balanced based on skill set & character



  • Students will play in AAS Moscow Penguin team uniforms

  • All uniforms MUST be worn for students to be eligible to participate

    • Penguin Team Jersey & Shorts - Assigned by Athletic Department 

    • MANDATORY undershirt to match jersey

  • Distribution of Uniforms

    • Continue with protocol from previous seasons when playing league games

    • Uniforms will be hanging on clothes racks in the NG Hallway

    • Students collect uniforms off hangers and leave hangers on rack

    • After match, students hang uniforms back on hanger

    • Selected team member (captains/team leaders) collects all uniforms and puts in washing machine

High School Division


After School General Time Structure (Game Day)

  • 3:45 - 4:30 - General All team practice

  • 4:30- 5:25 - Game

  • 5:25 - 5:35 - Debriefs - what to build on

  • 5:35 - 5:45 - Laundry / Change room supervision

  • 6:00 - 6:10 - Transportation/Bus/Depart

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Middle School / High School
Penguin Intramural Basketball League
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