Week 1 Sport Challenge Video

1st - Staff 31
2nd - MS 20
3rd - HS 6

Penguin Games

Photography Contest Open all Summer!

Thank you to everyone that participated in the Penguin Games. We have over 40 people contribute in the sport challenges, quizzes and photography contest. The photography contest will remain open until September. Enjoy, have fun & stay safe!


Challenge Videos

How it Works!

  1. Photography Contest will be open until September

  2. Read the description, and if interested, enter the challenge

  3. Submit your answers, or video, in your event's specific Google form by October 1, 2020

  4. Winners will be chosen for each category (MS, HS, Staff/Teachers, Parents)


  1. For all videos & pictures, parent consent is required before submitting

  2. Kindly do not do anything that could harm you or others around you

  3. Record your videos in landscape

  4. Take your pictures in landscape (when possible)

  5. Be creative & wear your penguin stuff (penguin uniforms, hoodies, house shirts, PE shirts, AAS apparel, etc)


Photography Contest

Creating the 2020 Penguin Photo Collage

  1. Take a picture of yourself (or have someone take picture of you)

  2. Wear Penguin or AAS clothing

  3. You can enter up to 10 pictures per week

  4. Pictures that meet criteria will receive recognition

  5. All approved pictures will be a part of the wall


Check out the

Week 3 Sport Challenge Video

Penguin Games Wrap Up