May 16-19, 2019
Huddle Up...
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Welcome Messages

On behalf of the Anglo-American School of Moscow school community, it is my pleasure to welcome athletes, coaches, students, staff, parents, and visitors for the CEESA HS Girls Softball tournament. A great deal of hard work has come before this event and we congratulate all athletes on their dedication that has prepared them well to represent themselves and their teams. Thank you also to the coaches and parents for their time and support of our student athletes as well as to AAS families for hosting and offering your hospitality to our visiting athletes.  We also appreciate the effort of the event organizers as well as all who will support this great AAS event for all who participate. 

Hosting a sporting event brings school communities together and provides opportunities for athletes, coaches, and families to build lasting friendships.  We encourage all athletes to fully engage and embrace this opportunity, giving your best and making memories to carry with you. 

All the best for an outstanding experience!

Rhonda Norris - Director

Welcome to Moscow and the 2019 CEESA HS Girls Softball Tournament. We are very excited to host this event for the 10th and we thank all the schools for your participation. It will be a busy couple of days but we are anticipating an exciting display of softball skills and strong play from each and every one of you. We look forward to solid sportsmanship and cooperation being demonstrated on and off of the court.


I hope that you will act as ambassadors for your sport, and for the schools you represent. We encourage you to play hard but also to take the opportunity to make new friend while here at AAS.


Paul Sexton - High School Principal

It is with great pleasure that we welcome all athletes, coaches and parents to the Anglo- American School of Moscow. We are very excited to be hosting the CEESA HS Girls Softball tournament for the community and the participating schools. AAS has a tradition of hosting superb sporting events and we will continue with our tradition of excellence. I would like to personally acknowledge the outstanding contribution of the entire AAS staff. All parties have done an amazing job to ensure a smooth tournament for our student athletes.

My gratitude goes to the Penguin Life team; Ms. Tatiana Yaskova, Mr. Maxim Ayzatulim and our Amazing team of Penguin Athletic Event Officials

Enjoy our AAS hospitality and sportsmanship.

​Kirby Boychuk - Athletics Director