From the View of a Penguin 

Creating the 2020 Penguin Photo Collage

We want new pictures of our penguins in action over the next 1-18 weeks. Pictures studying, working, online, relaxing, training, on vacation, even your penguin clothe chilling by themselves... but the focus is on being a penguin. We want to capture our penguins being a penguin, wearing your penguin apparel. Everything from uniforms, hoodies, practice shirts, leggings, track pants, ​PE uniforms, AAS shirts and hoodies, hats, etc, etc. 


  1. Take the picture(s)

  2. Practice social distancing as required

  3. You can enter up to 10 pictures per week

  4. All approved pictures will be a part of the wall

  5. Must be shot between March 15 - September 1​

  6. Stories can contain between 2-10 pictures

  7. All pictures are eligible for recognition prizes


  • Black & White​​

  • Penguin pride

  • Selfie

  • Landscape

  • Silent picture

  • Scenic picture

  • Penguin apparel picture

  • Aesthetically pleasing

  • Open Category

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